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Procrastinating my way to Nirvana

29 July
I'm NOT Normal...
I'm a Buddhist, who works at Microsoft, Contracting again at Microsoft , Just got a job offer from a company called "aQuantive" in Seattle. is a 7th time Burning Man participant who wears tie dye, and enjoys Goth music (hows that for Not Normal).

Ok... More specific:

Buddhism is a large part of my life. I practice the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, and am a member of the World Peace Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai Internation-USA (SGI-USA).
Ok, I work for Microsoft. I'm required by my company to state that Microsoft Isn't Evil
Microsoft is VERY EVIL.
I Moved to Redmond, WA (in the Seattle area) in April, 2004, to take yet another contract at MS. The contract has ended. Again MS is very very Evil!
I just got a job offer for full time work from aQuantive, doing automated software test development!
Man, I would think I'd be tired of Burning Man by now, but there's something very addictive to dancing naked around a LARGE fire, to drums.

Edit: I have now hooked up with a large, Work-a-holic theme camp based up here called Flight 2 Mars. I'm such a glutton for punishment.
Tie-dye, and Goth? Ok, ok, not at the same time... even I can dress in black and look inconspicous when I need to be... But then a couple of strands of EL Wire, and I still look bright in black :-)

Edit: I don't wear tie dye as much as I used to. Granted part of this is because a lot of my shirts a falling apart, but I've also discovered there is more to life than Tie-Dye (such as girls), so they don't get worn as much.
Attention Ladies: I'm SINGLE
I would once call myself a Peacful Warrior. I'm just a tad mellower now, but I will fight for injustice when I see it. I have a very powerful tool... Buddhism!
Buddhism teaches that everyone has the power to change their environment, and that in fact one's enviornment is a reflection of their own life condition. Don't like you're current eviornment? Chant to get the courage and the wisdom you need to change your problem. Don't have a problem? You're not looking hard enough.
What do you chant? Chant
Nam Myho Renge Kyo!!!
Devotion to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound vibration. This is not asking some god or diety for help. This infuses your life with the universe. You get clarity, wisdom, and the courage to do whatever you want to do with your life.
--end of Buddhism 101---
(okay, there's a little more to it than that, but hey, you have to stop somewhere)